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At our Swansea chiropractic clinic, we are able to help treat numerous symptoms that patients may have and will analyse the root cause of the problem. With our experience, Llansamlet Chiropractic can help you on your road to recovery.

I Back Pain

I Neck Pain

I Shoulder Pain

I Headaches & Migraines

I Sports Injuries

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I Leg & Foot Injuries

I Mobility Issues

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Did You Know?
Many people believe that treating back pain is the only specialism of a Chiropractor, but this is certainly not true. At Llansamlet Chiropractic, we are highly experienced at treating a number of other issues, too.

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What To Expect

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You will be greeted by our friendly receptionist and will then be seen by one of our chiropractors who will discuss your symptoms with you and make a record of any previous medical history.

The initial consultation will take approximately 30 to 45 minutes. Yes, this is a lengthy consultation but you’ll find that your subsequent appointments will be very much shorter as a result.
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After the initial consultation, a Report of Findings is then compiled – this is absolutely crucial because it will identify the cause of the problem, make conclusions on treatment and prevent a recurrence.

During this visit we will provide you with your own treatment plan that is specific to the symptoms that you are experiencing. Our goal is to regain and increase the functionality and mobility of your body so that you can live a healthy, active life. Maintenance is also crucial to preventing further problems.


After the report of findings, your treatment will begin (usually on the second visit, once the root cause has been identified). Your time in treatment will usually be no longer than 20 minutes. Often, this will involve an adjustment to your spine or the affected area, but this isn’t always the case.

The chiropractor will always explain to you what she is doing and why. Chiropractic treatment is not painful, and we want you to feel as comfortable as possible during your visit.

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